So let's break this down: it's now 2017, the world of development is overflowing with flexible systems written in dynamic coding languages running on powerful hardware. A great deal of which is available to use for free.

This morning I FINALLY got one member of our "R&D" team at work to implement a proper logging system in one of our numerous Java apps... So she adds "log4j-1.2-api.jar" to her project.


I'm still (3 years down the line) trying to convince them to let me rewrite their build scripts to integrate some sort of dependency management system, since they still use the default generated build for Ant as provided by Netbeans.

There is one bright side though: we're so-fucking-close to being able to ditch MS VSS!

*queue slow clap*

At this rate, how long do you think it will be before we can finally get away from using JDK 1.6 for everything?

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    when jdk 23 releases ?
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    Oh I feel you on this.
    We've only just updated from .NET 3.5 (and nobody else will update to the new compiler so there's a load of nice syntax I still can't use) and we're still using SQL Server 2004 😧
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    @Qchmqs, lol.. Let's hope not hey!

    @alycejenni, other than the runtime libraries, I don't have much knowledge of .NET's history, but I do remember 3.5 from quite a while back..
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