Met the two founders of devRant at NYC Union Square to give me the squishy ball, stickers, and tee in person 😁

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    what about your Canadian neighbours :P
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    @Chansd5 - thanks, it was awesome getting to meet with you and we appreciate all your feedback and insight. We should definitely all grab a beer sometime!

    @Raed - right now we're sending stickers anywhere internationally! The squishy ball is a lot trickier for international because for most countries, once the item isn't flat it becomes much more costly and difficult to mail. We still want to find away to do it so we are looking into it. Stay tuned!
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    @dfox, want about a roast of the week? Find a topic we all hate (JavaScript, Emacs) and then have a weekly roast. 😁
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    Great idea! That would be really cool. We'll try to think of a good way to implement something like that :)
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    @dfox tshirts!?
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    Dfox: seriously there needs to be like local Meetup groups. There are so many for networking and showing off what you've done. I'd love one to bitch about that day I couldn't get the code to fucking work no...matter...what...
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    @dfox you should visit India and should keep meetup for devrant if possible were you can share the goodies of devrant also would love to know about the app ;)...
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