Is it even possible to buy music anymore? This "Music" / iTunes store... is a total fucking mystery now.

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    When it’s easier to pirate, people will pirate. Cant really blame them, either.
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    Streaming services work out cheaper then buying albums these days, and you end up only pirating what you can't get. Which isn't a great deal anymore.
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    You can buy a CD.
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    @sbiewald I bought a CD not to long ago and a friend of mine bought some LPs and CDs recently as well...

    So yea, it's definitely possible to still buy music :)

    You just have to go a little bit backwards in tech ;)
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    Buy LP or CD. CD is cheaper and one can argue has better quality, but LP will become your hobby that will ask more money than your wife ;)
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    Bandcamp. You get actual audio files.
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    I buy CDs with the stuff I really appreciate (especially at concerts - when these were a thing of course) because I think having a hard copy is nice. I sometimes buy stuff off Bandcamp. There's Rutracker and Soulseek for the rest.
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    Maybe you can send money directly to the artist to cut out the middle people. You can listen to the music for free anyway.
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    "You buy music from iTunes store? You must be rich "

    In Malaysia our tax is expensive than the actual music.
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    I bought a couple of CDs in my entire life. The rest were streamed through Amazon/Google Music and now Spotify

    Stopped pirating 8 years ago. A yearly subscription to a streaming service is a decent option these days
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    I miss record stores. And video stores. And the rest of the world.
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    Thanks for everyone’s helpful suggestions... but I do already know how to buys records and CDs. ; )

    Specifically: I wanted to buy a Com Truise album - and I wanted to buy it through Apple. But I’ll check his band camp. My guess is that Apple still sells music - but that they just don’t know how to let the user know.
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    I try to avoid streaming services, when possible. I hate the fact, that they have become the very reason i abandoned Radio, and basically play more Ads than Music (I'm looking at you Spotify)

    I have a database with Music on my NAS without all that bullshit.
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