Full HD 27' monitor 😍😍😍 when you can divide your screen into two halves easily and there's no need to do Alt+tab

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    @drmirk I haven't purchased this monitor. I got it at workplace from my manager. So I'm just expressing my pleasure working with it. It feels cool
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    Give my best to lovely Pune, I used to work in Yerwada (Business Bay) - really enjoyed it.
    Greetings from Germany
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    I have a 27" UHD monitor too. I can tell they are not the same make from the base but they look very similar. Your PC looks very similar to mine too although mine is some make called zoostorm which I've never heard of before I got it. Your phone looks almost identical to the one on my desk as well! Probably not too weird as it's all fairly common. There is however one thing that is completely different and that is you have dividers and I work in an open office environment. I am so fucking Jealous of you and would pass up everything in this picture to get away from making eye contact on a bi hourly basis with a middle aged BA asking if I'm alright as I look stressed from concentrating on actually doing my work. Fuck I hate it when I get interrupted on a near contant basis. I envy you my friend. Rant over.
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