The client: Why you are writing using strange language, why you didn't use English? We can't accept that...

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    @kvsjxd Can you even translate Lorem Ipsum?
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    @kvsjxd the whole idea of lorem ipsum is to use lots of different characters so you can see how it looks.

    Aaaaaaaa looks different than
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    Or samuelipsum.com
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    I quite like cat ipsum personally. Or one of the hundreds of movie quote ipsum generators.
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    Fillerati is nice too. It gives you random excerpts from books.
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    I don't think using a translated Lorem Ipsum would be a great idea.

    It's a bit of an odd text from Roman philosopher Cicero about hedonism, and the relationship between pleasure and pain.
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    @bittersweet Pain! I think my client will like it.
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    @unruhly That just made me laugh. Thank you!
    ...I lost it at "Extra spicy"
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