The marketing department is right next door to my office, and to make room for their new intern, a very high end, large, and noisy printer was 'temporarily' placed in my office. I'm a reasonable person though, and didn't mind this. The salespeople figured out that it makes commercial grade printouts, so for their various presentations and whatnot, they'll print enormous numbers of pages on this thing, and basically use my office as a motherfucking water-cooler. After a few weeks of this, I logged into the printer from my computer, and set it to disallow all connections from MAC addresses other than those in the marketing department, who print far less material on their own, special, dedicated printer. Absolute fucking chaos ensued. Grown men were brought to tears, ultimatums were made, and blood was shed. The hardware guys were down here for over an hour, making up absolute bullshit as to why it wasn't working(which really surprised me).

Long story short, cut off access to printer, sit back and watch the true face of humanity emerge. Seriously, fuck those guys. They have their own goddamn printer.

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    What exactly did the hardware guys say as for the why doesn't the printer work? And please describe all that chaos better! I want to know!
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    @Stefan7650606 "Uh...The files are too big, the printer must be overworked, give it time to rest, check your drivers, try reconnecting to the network, it's out of paper..." All of those were said, at at least one point. One sales guy started screaming and cursing, balling up papers and throwing them on the floor. I'm just like, "this isn't a trashcan, fuckface". I should have gotten a video, in hindsight. Finally, the president came down and after staring at it for a really long time, said, "I guess you broke it" to the salesperson.

    That day, I learned 1) some salespeople are dumb children, 2) some IT guys are totally full of shit, 3) and I'm awesome.
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    @nosoup4u I'm screenshoting this, you're epic!
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    @nosoup4u I read what you quoted the IT guys saying using Patrick Star's voice. As I do for all IT guys who are full of shit.
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    @nosoup4u I totally agree with point 3)
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    @nosoup4u oh my fucking God I was literally in tears and then read this follow up comment, I'm fucking dead. Holy shyt man you're legend 😂😂😂
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    Glad you enjoyed! Cheers! @RYPTAR
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