I shouldn't have to open the mobile app to know what's the topic of the weekly rant.

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    How else do you expect it to happen? Pop in your head telepathically? :p
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    @pxgamer that's what I can a double S. Stands for shite site 😂
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    @pxgamer @ScribeOfGoD Yep, I'm talking about the web version.
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    @pxgamer I have the app, but it's more often that I just click the bookmark in my desktop browser to read some rants. It always frustrates me a bit when a desktop/web version of something is missing some obvious functionality of its mobile counterpart, and vice versa.
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    We are adding it to the web version soon.
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    @dfox That's nice to see. What about the avatar builder? Doesn't make much sense to me that it's only on mobile ;P
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    @outfrost avatar builder is actually done and it's awesome, we're just getting it ready for launch.

    Any features missing on the web version is not by design but rather due to resources.
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    @dfox Alright, cool! Waiting for deployment then :D
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    I actually thought this rant was a reference to wanting a push notification when there's a new weekly rant topic. I.e. Get alerted without having to open the app...
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