This should be in every email client ever, always. Now. And forever.

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    Thunderbird actually has this feature.
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    Outlook does this.
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    Apple mail does this too
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    Seems like very popular mail client has this yet people forget to send attachments
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    That's kinda creepy, that it reads all your emails
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    @ANyanCatFan it's just if(mail.getTextArea().getText().contains("Attachment")){

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    @Aaronmacaron But the helpfulness of it is invaluable!

    Also I like how the original poster's name is suited to the rant :3
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    @Aaronmacaron that is case sensetive ...
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    @doz87 no it doesn't.
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    @eirabie I use it everyday mate. Did it to me only this morning. Sorry, it does
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    @doz87 use it everyday too. Happened to me a couple days back. Using macOS Sierra. Did you have to turn it on?
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    yeah there are some email clients do this, but i think the first web browser which gives a javascript warning with this message is Vivaldi browser
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    Or just read your email again before sending it.

    Better than having "programs" checking the content of your emails....

    Everybody complains about privacy but nobody wants to talk about personal reasonability.
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