Finally 😂

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    It's still there: make a .hta file and double click it. The window you will see is rendered using IE 7.
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    @darksideplease Ah I have Firefox as my main, no worries there. Thank ya though
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    No, that is not what i meant. This is a special type of application (HTML Application=HTA) which gets only rendered using a IE 7 engine which is deep down somewhere in system32. You cannot "change" which engine gets used for it, because it's not a website, it's a part program ;)
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    @darksideplease Oh, my bad haha. I'm not experienced when it comes to things like that.

    I know C#'s WebBrowser uses a smaller version of IE - I wonder where that program/part of the program is...
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    @Lel00 wpf uses IE for browser control true, but UWPs now use Edge's engine.
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