These are the programmers who I had encountered and detest intensely:

1. Programmers who addicted to take other programmers' failure as an achievement.

2. Programmers who are overly arrogant. (Hey just because you know something , that don't make you a God)

3. Programmers who stealing my code without crediting me, and yet he got paid.

4. Programmers who discourage new developers.

5. Programmers who can't take criticism (Once I told a dev that his code is not clean as he decided to name the variable like __fuckingFuckingFuckningVar = "Fuck"; , he yelled at me that i am a MF. Which it's completely childish in my opinion, as a software engineer, I think programme a clean code for easy maintain and understandable for others, it is a responsibility.)

6. Programmers who compare me with others.

7. Programmers who are not friendly. (Don't be like Stackoverflow).

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    We should really fund a campaign to put "Don't be like StackOverflow" in StackOverflow's banner ads.
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    Yeah I’m super against anyone who laughs at juniors. They’re not dumb, and everyone was a junior at some point!
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    I have no problem with relative ignorance. I do have an issue with effortless ignorance.

    I've not been kind to a juniors pull request that made 3 code changes in different places, all in one commit. All unnecessary (nothing to do with the problem) all obviously breaking functionality. These were simple routing rules that could easily be tested by just running the tests or even in browser.
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    I don’t see Lennart Poettering in your list anywhere; clearly it isn’t complete.
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    @johnmelodyme The monstrosity that is SystemD, and the monstrosity that is Lennart.

    I could rant for days about him, his gigantic ego, his terrible, shoddy code, his terrible anti-Unix design patterns, his countless critical bugs and security flaws, his glossing over and ignoring of said flaws, his childish behavior and temper, ...

    Guy’s a tool.
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    @Root perhapsHe is the big inspiration of Microsoft 😅
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    Hm.. on point.. but I think you should change programmers to people in general..
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    I agree, but the part where you got yelled at by someone who named a variable __fuckingFuckingFuckingVar is so funny.
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    Being friendly isn't an objective for SO. Keeping the site clean of stupid shit is. There are too many idiots so that handholding doesn't work, and being friendly to them would only attract even more of them. With regard to the objective of SO, the harsh way is the right one.

    Just look at how many devs are already overwhelmed by clicking the fucking correct category on devRant for their posts (not referring to this rant). You don't want these morons polluting SO and hence the search engine results with their idiocy.
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    @Fast-Nop you are devil. You are devil because you like the king of software devil, stack overflow. I don’t want to offend you bc it’s around April number one which is April foolish day, a day for laugh and celebration!
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