Mom : My washing machine is not working.
Please fix it.
Me : I am a computer engineer.
Mom : You are an engineer though.
Me : That's not how it works.
2 hours and many YouTube tutorials later
Me : It's done.
Mom : Didn't I tell you you can do it.

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    Wow. At least my mom understands. (Our washing machine broke and she didn't even ask)
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    The essence of being a developer: able to google for solutions.
    Think about it.
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    Now your responsible for fixing everything.
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    I am doomed !!
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    I'd thank your mom, she made you learn something. I'm noticing this attitude a lot lately - “I'm only good at X so I can't do Y".

    I'm a programmer professionally, but until recently I drove an old car with 160,000+ miles on it. Guess who became pretty good at fixing cars? My wife's car's transmission took a shit last year. I bought a rebuilt tranny for $400 and did the work myself, saving myself 2 grand. Front wheel drive Nissan, pain in the dick to work on, but it drives great now. :)

    My point here is that learning new skills never hurts, so never stop learning folks.
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    @bubble What's wrong with transmissions?
    No, it's not "Mission Impossible" with a transvestite as the main character 😉
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    We see what you're doing.
    And we know what you did.
    Don't try to cover it up
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    I don't have the patience to watch and listen to videos. Plain text and maybe some illustrations gets the job done for me.
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    @Gogeta70 "learning new skills never hurts". No, it's just "pain in the dick" :D
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    @Gogeta70 Pain in the dick caused by a tranny :D
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    Well, when you're used to learn like most engineers it's easier to solve problems even if they are not related with your area. I mean, not everyone can learn how to do something in 2 hours with some videos (they get lost at explanations, I've seen it lots of times and it's just that they're not used to learn those things and they can't abstract the important parts).
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    @TerriToniAX @bubble This is what I get for being lazy and not wanting to spell out transmission twice... 😅
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    @Jop- Women have mastered the ultimate skill - commanding men to do their bidding.
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    Well there's tons of people who die each year trying to fix washing machines. If you opened the machine you just got lucky you didn't screw it up. After 7 years of doing electronics I would never touch anything that runs on 120v or 220v AC, it's a serious concern if you didn't properly secure everything inside it. Maybe it works but maybe the earth is lose and eventually the case goes live due to a broken cable.
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    @mrgemeco you are scaring me, I am reading your comment and Final destination is playing in my mind :p
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    You are an engineer after all
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    My parents ask me this until I introduced then to DIY on YT, now my pops doesn't haggle me over email for silly work, he's become addicted to fixing his house!
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    My excuse always been that I don't have the right tools to do it
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    I think your mum was correct.

    You're a developer. What that means is a) you're smart b) you solve problems and c) you can learn quickly.
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    With great power comes great responsibility 😋
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    Aah moms! They're the best to get the best out of you ;)
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    Glad I'm not the only one who zeroed in on the word "Tranny" 😆
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    Its like being a PHD and then because you have "Doctor" in your title people assume you're a medical doctor
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