I set my workspace with accepting the challenge in low budget, simple and gain the comfortness. I wanna listen to ur suggestion in order to improve this lovely workspace? Senpai, guru or master are called !! πŸ™πŸ™

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    Linuxpriest uses Mac... πŸ€” Anyways, nice setup :)
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    @ScriptCoded thanks, lmao i use macos for day2day utilities, but linux is used to be my core in whole of servers ☺️
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    Curtains from 1960s Star Trek.
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    Never thought I'd see a macbook and "low budget" in the same context
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    Subwoofer could be placed on the floor for additional desk space
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    Nice setup.. looks perfect
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    Please put the subwoofer on the floor, it makes quite the difference!
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    @nitwhiz bruh, it’s still be a part of low budget since that macbook is an office owned 🀣🀣
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    Maybe check if all screens are on same resolution and save your self some neck pain by having a screen in a lower position
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