Why can't Jira support standard markdown (as defined by Daring Fireball / John Gruber et al)?
Why does it need an own markup syntax and even fail with it. Using ticks ` for code once worked, now it lets the first tick stay, eats the first code character and highlights it as code. Just why?!

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    But `Muh Formatin 'ptions!`

    Srsly though - Fuck it.
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    Since when is Markup standardized?
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    @IntrusionCM depending on the flavor and security its a big difference which markdown is used.
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    It's just something a bit like markdown (e.g. the single asterisk marks something as bold, markdown as specified needs two asterisks for bold and one for italics).

    But the ticks for code markup bother me most. The jira-conform solution is {{my code}} to get the same result as `my code` would do in normal markdown.

    It really sucks that it differs this much, Slack adheres to markdown standard, jira uses a random markup language.
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    @DBX12 there is no standard markdown.

    Not that I'm aware of.

    Hence many products outright refuse to implement markdown, as it is just a spring of "nah markup doesn't work like in XY" tickets, leading to a wild goose chase of duplicates.
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    @IntrusionCM According to Wikipedia, Aaron Swartz and John Gruber created Markdown in 2004 and the page daringfireball.net shows "By John Gruber". So I assume the syntax presented there is the initial markdown syntax as conceived by them. It was never "officially" specified in a RFC or god forbid ISO standard.

    But the homepage of the maker should be sufficient as standard imho.
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