Repost from Reddit, i will probably do another with certain color theme, i just prefer this to be 'dark' build as it is how i initially immagined it.
I plan on expanding with certain micro pc, as server, 3d printer and some true hifi.

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    If you don't need it. Don't buy it.
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    @IntrusionCM if I posted, that should imply the need, as if you look closer you can see Ihave NAS and RPi that are just not doing it anymore :)
    The only part that is not about the 'need' is probably the HiFi, it's always about the 'want'
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    How do you code with sunlight right behind the monitor? I'd go blind in a week if I did that

    Nice setup btw
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    @b02mne a NAS and a mini PC could go hand in hand...

    And HiFi... Hm. In what sense?

    Audio Porn?

    Surround setup?

    Reminds me to take a look at TrueNas Scale... TrueNas on Debian basis.

    Could be interesting.
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    Against a window?!
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    Rolly wheeled chair on shaggy carpet ... :(

    Otherwise a lot of that looks nice (except the window as Root noted).
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    @N00bPancakes there's something between the wheels and carpet if you look close enough
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    @neeno Everybody asks me that, but its not as bad as in picture, I actually sent back the blackout curtains that i planned to put behind. Thanks man
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    I am working too on my table room :D I start to feel like in a command center XD
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    @blindXfish you could add a table in the middle of the room
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    @IntrusionCM I was thinking a sofa on the side, just for music and a Stereo system 2+1, i always preferred stereo for music, denon and q acoustics are what i am aiming at, but still not sure :)

    As far as server goes, i found some Intel NUC pretty interesting, i think i could move most of my DNS and web servers/databases there, they are not under heavy load anyway, but i do see usage on NAS and Pi going up
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    @b02mne yeah...

    Though I would take a NUC definitely.

    AMD or Intel, preferably x86 and not castrated Atom or other shenanigans... Mostly cause I'm still not convinced of ARM / Raspberry and others (drivers, time, extensibility) ... Atom... Well... It's trash.

    Thinking myself of getting a NUC, but currently don't wanna spend money (stuff breaking and I don't wanna spend till the bad luck ends...)

    Ah. Like 2.1 myself, too.

    A bit harder to get nowadays without Alexa and Co, sadly.

    I have a 2.1 from JVC, mostly because it was a collective present from friends (okay, but not good xD but it does it's job for watching TV xD)

    PC was typical "he's dead jim" buy: PreSonus ERISE3.5

    I expected nothing and was impressed. Definitely good from what I can tell.

    (No I'm not a musician nor is my hearing good, but my musical taste is a farting rainbow of glitter and death, so far nothing sounded completely off)
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    I was just going to suggest a nuc. I have one and they are vastly superior to pi especially in the io department they don't share the bus.
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