"Do you easily get offended?"

"We have a bro culture here. [Some other stuff and examples] So do you think you can fit in here?"

"Tell us about a time you had to communicate with people who are not as technically capable as you."

I can remember more but cba tbh.

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    “We have a bro culture here-“
    ** walks the fuck out as soon as that statement is finished **
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    @broseph and that coming from someone named broseph
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    I'm not familiar with western culture. Anything wrong with the interviewer?
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    Must admit, I'd never heard of "bro culture" and assumed they just meant "most people here are guys, is that a problem" rather than its apparent actual meaning from Googling around. Either way though, depending on the meaning it goes from a dumb question to ask to downright sexist.

    Third question could be ok depending on your role. Most senior+ positions I've been in involve at least some kind of regular communication with non-technical business stakeholders, and they don't take too kindly if you treat them stupidly for not understanding your jargon.
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    @AlmondSauce the first assumption is what they meant. Still, to be so aware of "oh, you're a girl and we wonder if you can fit in" while knowing well that only 10-15% of the subfield are women, was ironic. Like, what could possibly my answer to that be? "I have seen men" or "I can drink beer and finger a vajayjay simultaneously" or "Oh, I'll bang them all. Even the married ones." ... What possibly could be their desired answer?

    The third, that was again their scope, but from the other side of the fence, I saw it as "we're not as bright as you think and we're admitting it" which, again, was funny/ironic. Easiest answer I could give which made me giggle at the time was "I'm sitting through this interview and you're understanding me, right?" Plus, I never go for customer facing roles, alas most asshats assume all women are good at social skills. (I am good, but I'm even better at technical and math skills.)
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    @NoMad Yeah, precisely. It's either dumb, sexist or both depending on what they were exactly after. The sad thing is, I've heard of some places where winking and going "sure I'll bang them all, even the married ones" would probably have been more likely to land you the role.

    Third one could well be from a sexist take I guess, given the other two. It is pretty standard even for technical roles though, I've been asked that a few times in senior technical roles. No excuse for the first two though.
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    @AlmondSauce iirc this was for a junior or graduate role.

    Also, the three were asked separately in different interviews.
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    The bro one is odd (except when the workforce actually is pretty sexist - then it is just fair to tell straight away instead of wasting everyone's time).
    They probably expected an early end of the interview or a statement of "robustness"...

    But the other two sound pretty okay (they probably had some incidents in the past and want to make sure that it doesn't happen again).
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    @curiousjoe essentially it means they have a culture like that of a male college dorm or fraternity house.

    Think heavy drinking, toxic masculinity, off color jokes, etc.
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    Bro... we have a bro culture here, bro...

    Me and the homies are getting to drink, you in?
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    The offended question is the most useless and would be funny to answer "No, why?" in a very defensive tone.

    I think the bro culture one is thé worst. I see a "how I met your mother" scene where you are in a black robe and swear on the bro-code. Proceed to the bar and hit on a married pretty boy with a fake story while wearing a suit of course.

    And I'm most impressed by your motor skills... You're hired!
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