”Are you planning on having kids in the near future?”

Literally (very) illegal to ask where I live. Too bad I was too young to understand the severity of him asking.

Worst place I’ve ever worked.

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    “Is it worth it hiring you if you are having a family anyways?”

    Honestly, it’s a brilliant question. If they ask it, at least you know they will not be supportive for families, nor be any flexible on unexpected personal events.
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    This brings up a thought: If a company asks to be given access to your social media accounts, are they circumventing the protections on questions that cannot legally, in the US, be asked in an interview?

    Several years ago I also was invited to two "get-to-know-you" events by two prospective employers. I saw through it as a way to get around those forbidden questions and kept my guard up. Didn't get either job. Younger, more naive applicants happily volunteered information about their personal lives: marriage status, kids, religion, age
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    @JustThat I mean, here it would be EVEN MORE illegal to request access to the social media accounts.

    Basically it’s illegal to reject or fire someone based on their family situation, as well as other things such as sexual preference, religion, age etc.
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    @Python Yet, we've all heard the stories about employers asking applicants to access to their social media
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    @JustThat It is indeed.

    A good rule of thumb is: don’t trust anyone. Exceptionally few are ever worthy.
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    What the....?

    tell them this "I am celibate, I dont give a fuck ."
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    Sue them please
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    Access to social media !? Wtf !?
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    ”Are you planning on having kids in the near future?”

    Do you want one? I can give you one
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    "No, but I am planning on having some in the recent past.

    As soon as the USPTO approves my patent for a time machine and I get the startup money to research and build it."
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    There was a official representative HR from Tata Consultancy Services who came to our Uni just before placements, and in a session verbally said that they don't check social media of the candidates, but indicated with this gestures that he was lying.
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