hey frontend devs,
i got a qweshtiun:
how come half of yous communicate in wordsalad?

also: ur methods are functions and ur objects are structures. wth is it all about?

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    Can someone create a devrant rap video using these lyrics?
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    hey devs, hwru, i got a f* question
    how comes oop is a loss without remission
    with your permission, id rather keep my passion
    what i need is some C and some tits to serve as cushion
    without discussion, thats what it is about
    if i could i would, but there is no life without
    so food or booze, in my mind there is no doubt
    tig bitties, aig bass, amd masterclass

    so oh! oop is like remakin the wheel
    so far let em be, because i do feel like chill
    but then some fool needs to make another tool
    better we let him drool cuz algorythmic's old school
    so adhd aint gonna help with that
    cuz in fact its more their attention span is fat
    or rather obese, and morbidly so
    my mind goes faster f* on alcohol!
    dont speak of weed, or it might have hurt em
    and even less of prog, it might dishearten them
    maybe they heard a thing but they just never saw
    they will never know how to be "in control"
    lel. its been ages...
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    Mom's spaghetti-code.
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    @frogstair :)))
    nature tends to balance itself.
    you must be very nice.
    bc im veeery bad
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    @iiii eeexactly
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    Well, objects are in fact just structs with attached functions. Just imagine the first argument always being the object (Python does it like that by the way).

    But did you know, that JavaSript actually is the functional language with the least features common to functional languages?
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    @Oktokolo since when JavaScript is functional?
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    @iiii https://stackoverflow.com/questions...

    the question is much more interesting than it would seem at first glance
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    Look at production code.
    Almost all frameworks and even non-frameworks start with a closure, which is used to initialize some structure by filling a fresh map with values and functions, making it an object with methods.

    In general, the language seems to encourage a declarative functional style while only providing the absolute bare minimum (functions as values and function creation at runtime) needed for a functional language.
    The functional paradigm matches well with its declarative prototypic objects (it is the only language i know, that does OOP that way).

    So of course it is multiparadigm (as almost all production languages are today). But its bare minimum functional capabilities aren't just a gimmik. Closures and closure passing are used everywhere.
    Now imagine, one would add tail recursion and curying.
    JavaScript's type system doesn't allow for algebraic data types or generics - but TypeScript has generics and could add ADT.
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    @Oktokolo I don't have much experience with JavaScript, but it didn't ever stick to me as a prominently functional language. If anything, it seemed very procedural in it's vanilla form. If frameworks tend to incline into some sort of functional style, does not really mean that the language is functional. Nowadays almost every major language has some "functional" bells and whistles.
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    Backend devs have all these beautiful maxims to code by. At the frontend, we have one too:

    Nothing is true, everything is permitted.
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    @Inxentas anarchists! iconoclasts! HERETICS!:p
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