Lmao I’ve never learned how to program. I’m just winging it and have been able to fool everyone the last 10 years.

Senior engineer checking in.

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    That's not possible, you know how to program, maybe you can't implement anything without taking reference, but that does not mean you can't program, and it's a normal thing.
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    @theabbie I think he means formal education not "didn't learn at all"

    God help us if it's the latter, but then, it's only Python right..., so all good.
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    @theabbie How can it be a normal thing, if he was not interested in it?
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    @Eklavya It's normal to be not able to implement anything without taking reference.
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    @theabbie after 10 years you shall be able to implement stuff..
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    @blindXfish Can people write entire thing from their mind? That means they are doing repetitive stuff, it's not bad to take reference.
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    Agreed. After 10 years how can you not know what you're doing at all..
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    dude. same.
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    Fake it till you make it.
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    Experience matters! Don’t feel that you needed formal education, if you’ve done a good job for 10 years that is truly a proof of your skills
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    Everyone has just assumed I never went to university and studied computer science for 3 years
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