Why would anyone use Discord is beyond me.

If people really have an itch to abandon IRC, why not just use Matrix instead of a centralized Gliphy?

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    I don't think it's people abandoning IRC, it's about the voice (and some extend video) chat. Especially when playing online games.

    Back in the day you would use teamspeak, but now that's mostly forgotten.
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    @LotsOfCaffeine Teamspeak at least was compatible with running at the same time as a game without needing half a datacenter's computing power. My laptop's coolers consistently reach record levels of noise when that chunk of software runs.
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    Same reason people use WhatsApp,
    Privacy vs convenience, guess which wins.
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    @deadlyRants oh yeah absolutely
    I'm not defending discord it's awful, I still use teamspeak when I can
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    I kinda like discord, very well designed and honestly works well for me. Even the video and audio quality is on par if not better than some productivity suite products like Teams and google meets (not that I use discord for work, that would be unacceptable)

    Sure the mods are beyond repair and kids tend to aggregate on most servers, but there are also some nice communities. And the discord API is kinda nice to have

    Matrix as a protocol is nice, but I didn't find a good client for my use, most just look unpolished and even if they weren't the userbase is just lacking for now.

    I like discord now how I used to like Skype 20 years ago
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    Why nobody makes a clients that ks just as simple to use, or even better than discord, is beyond me.
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    If there was a decent implementation for IRC+voice, discord would die eventually, because it's a bloated pipe of garbage and we're stuck with it being the only half-decent one.
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    The free video and audio streaming is quite amazing. Beyond that I honestly have no clue either
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    I like it because it has a somewhat clean interface, it's easy to use and has good voice and text chat. The biggest problems I see with it is that it's heavy as fuck, the connection is sometimes unstable and the video quality sucks. Other than that, I think it's pretty great.
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    @Tonnoman0909 The free video streaming is only good if you're fine with 720p potato quality.

    We are in an age where 4k screens exist in the budget category. Try screen sharing on one of those via Discord, nobody will see shit aside from your screen's background color.
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    @deadlyRants 4k screens exist but are not widespread.
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    @deadlyRants personally if you can afford a 4k screen which are still quite expensive you can probably afford full fledged streaming services or nitro
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    @Tonnoman0909 What are you talking about? My 28'' 4k screen cost 220 bucks and it wasn't even a sale or something. That's not what I call "quite expensive" for a device I use every day for years. It's barely more than the mediocre 1080p screen I had previously.

    I get it's not the standard resolution yet because people generally don't buy new screens and TVs all the time and 4k gaming hardware can be expensive as fuck, but come on, it's not exactly cutting edge when game consoles and Raspberry Pis can output the resolution.

    Discord can monetise their stuff however they like and 720p streaming might be fine for some games of course. But at least they could try and make the application itself lightweight enough that I can render more than 720p at the same time without something overheating.
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    I don't think most young people know IRC even is a thing anymore.
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