I got a 'programming for kids' book for birthday.
Anyone else who used BlitzBasic?

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    I did not used it but was always interested in it, had forgotten about it till today.How was your experience with it?
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    I used the Blitz3D (PC) variant and it was a good start. Plain and simple to work with, good speed, no fancy features language-wise. The editor was bad. Only nostalgic value today.
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    I didn't use it myself, but a colleague of mine used that, and he showed me what he did with it, quite impressibe tbh.

    It was some kinde of soace game, where you sit in the cockpit of a spave ship and fly around in an asteroid field. Completely in 3D.

    I think it was in blitzbasic, i'm not 100% sure. I can imagine this guy writing that thing in ASM86
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    @thebiochemic wow.. my grammar didn't comply at all
    it is:
    *space (again)
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    Lol! While I did not learn how to write code with the book, I still have it on my bookshelf 🔥
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