Ugh. So for one of my classes (Projects In Computer Science) we have to break up into groups; Around 4-6 people per group and build some software for different local companies in the city that I live in.

Well.... the company that my group chose is so damn frustrating. Essentially we are making a glorified Applicant Form system for their website (there's more to it than just that). So you would think that the company knew what sort of fields would be needed for these forms.... Well no, we are over a month into this project and still have barely began coding shit because they are so fucking slow to respond to our emails, don't pick up our calls, or put off doing absolutely anything related to our project! Our professor asked that we would have a written copy of the project requirements made and signed off by the client within the first 2 weeks of classes starting. Took them over a month to get around to that, and still even after signing off on the requirements said that they were missing key forms that we needed to account for... Its your damn fault for not telling us that. We completely wasted our time planning out the database and structuring the front-end/back-end to work for the forms they had given us, and now there's yet another one with inconsistent fields, meaning we need to rethink out most of our system to account for this data. We only have 3 months total, 1 which is already gone and practically wasted, and even still we don't have any sort of confirmation on what form fields we have to account for.

Fucking hell just spend a little bit of time for both our sake, and your own to get us the finalized forms fields and requirements for this project. Honestly at the rate things are going we probably wont be able to finish, which sucks ass since this project is perfect resume material.

Seriously this company desperately needs us to make them this program since their current system is absolute shit. They are literally getting a system that would cost upwards of $20,000 for free, yet they don't seem to care much that we probably wont be able to finish due to their faults. If we didn't have a time cap on this project I wouldn't really care, but the fact that we only have 3 months, plus school work in other classes, exams and a personal life, its making this project a lot more stressful than it needs to be.

Its not like we have a project manager either, so all the emailing and communication is being done by myself. Honest to god, all they have/had to do was sit down for 1 hour of time to decide what they all needed and we would probably have been able to finish this project.

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    Have you told them in a friendly way that you need their approvel to continue?

    In my experience a lot of times you will get incomplete requirments and they don't read the functional designs very well. The people that are your contacts probably got a lot of other things do for their daily job. And only scan the documents.

    What I try to do is after you get the requirments signed ask some questions about it back. Do you want it work like you described or wont this be a better option. The question does not really matter as long as it forces them to have a good look.

    At this stage almost always things get removed or added.

    After that I draw up the designs and do the same thing. If its a big project for every feature. Make sure to ask something about the thing they are signing.

    And if they don't respond just harras them daily. Make a deadline for it. They hired you. If this was your own company you can't spend 3 months you plannend for this project doing nothing. You got to eat.
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    @aronmik Ive asked them many times in a friendly manner to complete the documents that we have asked for, and they have said on multiple occasions "Oh well get it to you by monday", doesnt end up coming till friday. As for the requirements. We had those written up and revised twice now, and even after asking all the questions, having it signed off we get note of more requirements.
    Obviously if this wasnt for a school project things would go differently, its just really frustrating that they cant spend a little time off work to answer some of our questions
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    @nicnaknic yeah, class projects for external clients are always fun. You get all the problems but none of the profits.

    If it keep going like this I will be waiting for your next rants ;)
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    @aronmik They will probably be coming soon enough sadly :l
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    @nitaj96a there more to it than just a form system 😂 but ya there's 4 of us in the group and we figured we could have the project to production in about a month. If we worked full-time.
    Anyways, it's a small company so there really is only 1 person at the company that is working "with us" to get this completed. It's a little ridiculous. Others are busy.
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