Just had an argument (with myself ;)) whether to write a completely server rendered site or a js app.

The only stas I have manged to find is from 2010 saying potentially 2% of users could have js disabled.

Why cannkt I find newer stats :/

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    Because the tracker was written in a jquery+angular combo wrapped in react native
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    Lets be real, you are successful if only 1% of all internet users visit your site, so that 2% doesnt really matter
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    @RazorSh4rk yeah. It's not like you're a massive company like Amazon or Alibaba
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    But if his demography are the "tech-savy" then I would say the percentage is going to be way bigger.
    But I must say that almost all people I know with a script blocker just add a temporary exception when something on the site is wrong anyway so I don't really get the point.
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