From 'Javascript' then 'jquery' 😬 then 'angular 1' 😐..wait their is 'angular 2' damn this just a new framework compared to angular 1.(back-end) 'Nodejs' 😩, wait! you have to learn 'Express' after sometime upgrade to 'Hapi' wait now am on 'loopback' can't we just have one standard framework 😣😣😣

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    This is exactly the reason I never learned a JS framework.
    As soon as you learn one, it's outdated!
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    I love learning them all. Great for your resume. Just do random personal projects in different frameworks.
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    You should create a new standard framework that everyone will use!
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    After what happened with Angular 2 and Play Framework, I've since become a member of the Church of Paul Lewis. If it looks like a framework, sounds like a framework or smells like a framework I want nothing to do with it. Give me a neat library any day. At least when it becomes outdated or the maintainer slacks off I can swap it out for another one or hand roll the features I use the most.
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    Wdfuck you guys make me rethink of the path I'm going to. I had been having a hard time choosing whether to learn laravel php, ruby on rails, or js frameworks. I decided to go for js. Now I that I saw this thread, I don't know what to do anymore. cry.js
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    @yusijs exactly what I was referring to. 😁
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    @loserboi you're doing it backwards. Learn what you need to solve the problem at hand. I'd never hire a "Java programmer". Dime a dozen.
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    @yamatoman i should be thinking that way. thank you so much!
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    Man I was so fucking mad. They rewrote everything!!!made me feel like a amatuer @kshep92
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    @kibe yeah, I mean it's not like they were open about this the entire time ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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