What kind of development work do you do at your job?

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    Web dev. May I ask why?
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    @c3r38r170 Was just curious what kind of work you guys do daily.
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    aka lots of C++, legacy software, read only file systems, firmware and drivers made from colleagues, ...
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    Writing paths and transition scripts in a big ol’ state machine used to process documents submitted by our customers.
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    Frontend (Next, React, TS, SCSS), but I don't like it very much... I prefer backend and would like to give embedded a shot, but there aren't many embedded jobs so I think I'll just keep that as a hobby.
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    All backend, rewriting an ancient system into something far more modern. Sounds awful, but when you have the budget to do it and the flexibility to really delve down into the business logic and rewrite it in a better, more modern way, it's immensely fun & satisfying.
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    @Sony-wf-1000xm3 Web dev and DevOps. But the more important question - Your name, wtf? 😂
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    I develop software.
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    @ScriptCoded the username I wanted was already in use and this was the first username that came into my mind.
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    @AlmondSauce That sounds like what I am doing currently. but I'm working on Mobile app dev + Backend ( Nodejs )
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    Writing commandline tools for managing packages, contentviews and livecycle environments for an satellite 6(opensource counterpart: foreman) server environment.
    We have so many independent packages that the satellite is under heavy load.
    We have at least 200 different packages which range from 1mb to multiple gigabytes and each of them runs through 5 different stages.
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    Career development.
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    I cry, constantly. Then I go to my boss's office, he cries to We cry together.
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    Cloud platform to support cyber security products.
    Most of what we do involves ingesting huge amounts of data very quickly and processing/transforming into various formats so products can consume and perform intelligence.
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    Nowadays I serve boring presentations for management 😔
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    Role: full stack web developer

    Frontend: Vue, Nuxt, React, NextJS, Laravel blade

    Backend: Laravel, Codeigniter, plain ol' PHP, c#, asp.net, nodejs

    There's also React Native & Xamarin...

    DevOps: directly interfacing with Linux through SSH, teraform, docker, kubernetes
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    Since i have been declared as the jack of all trades by my team, i do a lot of different stuff in parallel. So i maintain a ruby on rails app, maintain a plugin repository (Doing stuff like quality control there) and developing internal unity3D packages. If there's nothing to do, i do either SAP stuff, or write on internal guides, tutorials and courses.

    So a good mix of everything i'd say
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