In another news. COVID-19 continues to ravage certain places of the world. Most notably India (for right now)

Is there a mathematical correlation between this and the decrease of scam calls asking about your social, vehicle warranties, IRS frauds etc?

A friend mentioned that he has not gotten scam calls in a while now, I noticed this as well. I would normally have vendors contact me daily, vendors with shitty practices and poor sounding accents that insist on them having names such as "Joe" or "Steve". This sucks for India since I believe it is a country with absolutely beautiful cultural heritage and good people. But man, the decrease in scam calls from there is outstanding now.

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    Not sure about that. My junk mail is still full of “100% remote senior xyz” job offers. Mostly recent. Still get spammed on LinkedIn too.
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    Scam calls reduced, but there has been an uptick in people emailing me with a "Sir we will build your mobile app."
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    this post is going to gather a lot of racist comments.
    Since India , being the outsourcing and support operations capital of the world, you should rather notice if the amazon or at&t are still picking their customer complaints or not.
    The people who are running these scam operations are likely to be fine and not from India.
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    @devjesus doubtful, specially considering that I did not invite anyone with racist remarks against india doing so. But as being a tech institution, I have not gotten calls in about 2 weeks. Anecdotal experience means little to me, but invites me to investigate further. Currently there is 0 consensus on this remark, but it seems that there might be a correlation between no scam calls from someone who OBVIOUSLY sounds Indian and spam calls during this crisis.

    Don't get me wrong, I am 100% not wishing any ill on India, in fact, I want to visit. I just find it interesting since most of the spam calls I ever get come from India, and have not gotten any since the increase in the pandemic.
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    @ekmo that seems to be common outsourced environments trying to market themselves. I feel bad since I truly believe that India gathers a lot of very talented developers stuck in a country in which their experience and trade is considered as much as X low wage job. Were it for me we would take Indian university practice and experience and apply it to other parts of the world.

    Source: I own a lot of my experience from tutorials by Indian developers through youtube
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    @AleCx04 weirdly enough, we never got scam calls here in Slovakia in the past, because the scammers can only speak hindi and english and none of the older people understand them.

    But we had a major increase in calls here since last month or so. Even I got like 6 calls two weeks ago for the first time in my life.

    It's almost as if someone dumped tens of thousands of leaked EU numbers on those scammers or something.

    Maybe that's related to the decrease of calls too?
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    since i had only one spamcall in my whole life yet. I cant say anything from first hand, but i think from the news that spamcalls are rising that its the opposite since they are more desperate.
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    I used to get 100+ a day when I lived in a city !

    Was the reason I left my answerphone on 24/7..
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