I’m starting to question the whole “programmer shortage” scenario. If there is such a high demand for programmers, why is everyone I know struggling to find a job or even keep it.

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    I think that was up-to-date 8 years ago...

    Now to me it seems the market is saturated with programmers.

    Now there's a shortage of engineers and medics from what I hear.
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    The so-called programmer shortage was rather an oversupply of bullshit jobs.
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    Well, there’s definitely a programmer shortage here. Trying to hire even half-decent trainable would-be programmers seems to be hard enough, not to mention devs with some experience...
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    Also depends on which field you're looking at. Web, probably full. Embedded, probably not.
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    @RememberMe where are the Embedded Jobs ? Cant find them
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    The shortage is of programmers that are willing to work for fuckall pay. It's all "supply and demand" when it lets companies pay less money, but when no one applies to their full stack 10 years experience in 5 year old technology job for minimum wage, then they cry about a programmer shortage.
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    Because around 90% of « programmers » can’t even write hello world if you ask them to print current date and time in a predefined time zone.
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    Shortage of senior devs, I presume

    (10+ year experience for React when it was released in 2013, and all that)
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    Shortage of senior people willing to work for junior salaries.

    I do believe there's a shortage of competent programmers though, most of the people applying for jobs are absolute garbage.
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    There's no programmer shortage, it's simply the fact that programmers are expensive so like all good capitalists the uk government is trying to import programmers from foreign countries in order to lower programmers wages, justifying it by claiming there's a shortage.
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    There might be a shortage of GOOD programmers
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