Worst coding interruption?

The fire alarm going off.
That's when you learn how quickly it's possible to git commit and push

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    Then you realise that the server holding your git is on fire. 🥲
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    If your work is stored locally, just shut down the PC and take it with you.
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    @Oktokolo No, do not take anything with you. Especially your PC. The largest object that you should carry in case of a fire is a Macbook Air. In a large office building, evacuation means hundreds or thousands of people try to use the same staircase at the same time and some of them are panicking. While the fire itself is likely not dangerous to either you or your work, taking heavy objects with you is dangerous to everyone and grossly increases the probability of someone getting trampled.
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    Well, i would actually just carry the SSD - in my pocket. But that is what i do every day because i don't like laptops and hate clouds...
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    The trick is to panic. And panic hard. Just push that shit straight into production
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    Instead of commit/pushing unfinished stuff just git stash... unless your work computer is at risk of burning too.
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