My employer should burn his DevOps system to the ground: esoteric configuration split on 1000 files, bugs and downtime almost daily, not communicated breaking changes which breaks pipelines, shitty documentation, few opportunities for customization and for everything you have to open a fucking ticket, I love programming but since I have to spend more time on a fucking ticketing system rather than on Vim my motivation is gradually falling to pieces.

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    may i ask what you are using?
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    Ticketing makes you agile just as breaks make cars go faster.
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    Brakes, gnudamn autofuckup.
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    @nebula Bamboo CI but we cannot simply write a pipeline with Yaml but we are forced to use one of the company predefined pipelines eventually changing their behavior by modifying the ton of esoteric undocumented files provided in the standard Git templates in which we have to create our projects. Sometimes the DevOps team decide to update the specification of one of said files without sending notification beforehand turning all pipelines red and forcing developers to waste time in ticketing system.
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    @AtuM Yeah! I feel like a race driver forced to race in a car with handbrakes pulled.
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    @DEVil666 dafuq :-|
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    This sounds just like every devops I’ve had to deal with.
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