Why is Teams such a pile of shit? Slows my machine to a crawl and makes my fan go nuts whenever I'm on a call, has never heard of UX when it comes to chats and channels, and for some unknown fucking reason uses entirely different device config for livestreams.

Fuck you Microsoft. Only you could develop such a bloated, ugly abomination.

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    If you’re on Mac and have the option, turn off hardware acceleration
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    oh my god dont even get me started on teams. (i piled up about 74 missing assignments coz of it.)
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    I spent my entire Friday morning (last week) sorting Teams license issues. It’s a mess because it’s all tied in with MS accounts
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    The power of Electron my man 😱 also, bad programming.

    Feels like they bought a readymade Slack clone and couldn't even be bothered to make the UI decent / Windows ish

    Why the fuck can't I quote reply to someone on other than mobile?
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    *has more than two tabs*

    "Are you still there?"
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    I think employees at Microsoft shouldn't be given high end hardware to test their trash instead they should work with pcs with minimal hardware so they may get a feel for their bloated software
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