Slack Boss: hey, could you check work of dev that is okey, we want this update fast.

Me: hey, just tell him to open PR and assign me, I will check and merge changes.

Slack notification: Dev: Hey, could you please merge Pull request on the project ?

Me thinking, hmm weird, I didn't get email.
Checking github, 0 pull request.

Me: hey, I don't see any pull request open, and when you make pr, just assign me I will merge it right away.

Dev: takes half a day

Dev: Makes pr and assign correctly me.

Dev on slack: HERE is PR open now @me.

I get 3 notification to see this PR, sure at least it is there.

I check this PR, 50 commits, X conflicts, cannot merge this.

Me: Hey, @dev please fix conflicts in your PR.

DEV: takes another 2 days to respond.

Boss in the meantime: hey, have you pushed those new changes ?
Me: I am waiting for conflicts to resolve.

Dev: I fixed the conflicts @me.
I check the PR conflicts are there.

Me: are you sure you pushed your changes @dev ? I don't see them resolved

Dev: takes another day and pushes changes to resolve conflicts.

Me: merges PR to master becaus he based it on master, I will sync the developer branch myself.

All good, everybody happy.

I write to dev: Next time base your changes on develop branch and resolve conflicts before making PR.

Two weeks later new PR From this dev.

Based on Master, conflicts everywhere.

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    I feel you, all your pain. ALL OF IT!

    I git-flow the project and my colleague comes with a conflict train from origin
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    He is building your character to develop others!!
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    My reaction would be to day no. If you keep saying yes the shit keeps coming. He needs to be sacked.
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    If you really can't get him to do proper branch management and rebasing before creating that pull requests, you have to somehow get rid of him.

    People who can't learn GIT are definitely not capable of any higher mental task. GIT literally is holding your hand whatever you do and StackOverflow answers all questions about it exhaustively - no matter how esotheric they are...

    So if he doesn't get it, he either is stupid like a loaf of bread - or sloppy as shit. In both cases, software development is just the wrong job.
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    Use slack public channels to say opened pr and comment within when left comments on pr etc.
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    Even after posting a comment of this rant, he still does it, in fact he weaves his origin train past the dev and feature branches, 3 app versions. He cost me a fucking reopen. Like I said, I feel you , ALL OF YOUR FUCKING PAIN!
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    Merge policy only allowing master merges from a release tag. 🙌
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