Sometimes I feel really bad becouse i am incapable of coding faster.
I saw someone coding a prototype of pong in 5 minutes.
It took me 30 minutes just to make the constructor function of the paddles

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    Probably that someone knew how to do it already while you had to figure it out.
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    Haha, I saw that one too. Don't worry that's super fast.
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    Oh never mind me, just passing by to relate with the OP...
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    I'm the slowest coder in my team. I'm also the best. I'm paid over twice everyone else, and I was also promoted to lead this month. The only real difference between them and me is that I really really care about the quality of my work. Like, too much sometimes.
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    The trick for me was this:

    (Good game idea + lack of time + lack of knowledge + lack of anything to do-because i had just dropped out of college
    I have to do fast) + i had almost finished all Guitar hero games on hard

    Those games seriously make your fingers fast
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    @cst1992 I do that already while writing mini-programs for school in C#, way too much. Do you know a way to how to care a bit less about it?
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    @filthyranter Hard deadlines comes to mind.
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    @cst1992 Not in school, because the deadlines are at the end of the school year and, well, I'm the fastest student in class, but I still think I'm way too slow.
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