Finally got a new job, but it's already a horror story not even 2 hours in (making this while on break)

Everyone here is an Intern, IT? Interns, Designers? Interns, HR? Interns.

The Person who I should've worked with got fired yesterday, and now I have to work all of his shit up from 0, Documentation? Fragmental, a few things here and there, but nothing really.

IT security also doesn't exist in the slightest, there is an Excel sheet called "Master_Passwords" and every single password is in Plaintext, written out for everyone to see. (at least they used "strong" passwords)

And the place also looks run down, theres PC's, Laptops, Mics, Cables etc. lying literally everywhere no-one knows what works and what doesn't (since everyone is an intern)

Not to mention the "Server Room" is an absolute mess itself, cables hanging from literally anywhere, powerstrips are ontop of servers, each rack has like 2 or 3 2U Servers, (in a 40u Rack) and there are 10 of them!

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    Companies started doing the intern thing after the recession that way they don’t have to hire people permanently or at full price

    Tried to intern without being in college at one point because the job I was applying to got converted to an internship
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    Jeez that's pretty strong lol. Good luck man
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    This reads like a nightmare. I wish you'd just wake up from it.
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    @AtuM who has looking around ?
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    Get out, asap. That place is horrible
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