This definitely counts as a rant

Ep 1

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    This feels like satire, but damn
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    Your first message was your mistake. Your second was worse.

    Saying "I can't do this" just gets a bad reaction, saying "I guess I can maybe look at it a little bit" means they'll assume you'll just do it by tomorrow.

    Instead, fire the decision back on them. "I can take a look at this after I'm done with x, which is likely to be another (z) weeks, or I can send you an estimate now and delay work on x. Which would you prefer?"
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    😂 that'd have worked perfectly in normal scenario but my employment is complicated here

    Plus, it's an exaggerated version of the chat it's not the actual conversation
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    I absolutely hate when people say "it isn't that difficult". First of all, either yes it is or you don't know where to start or you wouldn't be talking to someone else to get it done. Second, it's not about difficulty, it's about having the available time to perform the work. If I'm already working on other stuff of equal importance, I need to queue up your project. There will be a wait. Maybe it's only a day but maybe it's a week or longer.
    I could go on, but I'm trying this new thing where I stay calm in the face of irritation.
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    Exactly, you just wait until I post the next excerpt
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    Damn, savage. Is there an Ep2 ?
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    @AlmondSauce damn I need speaking skills like you
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    Don't worry, Laravel is designed so it's easy to learn!

    Can't believe I typed that without bursting out in laughter :^)
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    Why would you say "stop ignoring me"
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    I was put off by the "Is it? Okay, do it" response. Who the fuck does that? I certainly would never do any work for such an insensitive, egomaniacal, power-tripping asshole like that.

    You really should've just said no. Especially once that fucker sent emojis as if that's a valid professional response to what is clearly a business request. Again, who the fuck sends emojis as a bargaining tool in a business transaction?

    I need to shoot something. But I will wait for the next episode with eager anticipation. And most likely with further disgust.
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    @bittersweet @Kairpooph
    It's not a real screenshot of the chat.
    It's just an exaggerated version of what actually happened.

    Yes, they were ignorant about me being a putting developer but shoving laravel project on to me fml
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    @bittersweet 😂
    just emojis and stop ignoring me thing
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    @chowdercake please stop exaggerating all the time seems like the real stuff is good enough. To me and a few others it sounds fair/satire. Especially with the WhatsApp imaging...
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    I didn't get to you?
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