This is why I hate Windows:

For about a month now, I've been learning/working on salesforce, so my Macbook was enough for me.
Today there was a bug in something I built in iur Python backend, and since it has a dependency on windows, I booted the old guy up.

And this is what I see. For about 1.5 hours this went on.

Then it started, but system consuming 100% disk and 80+% CPU. Can't do a thing.

And when zoom finally opened (for a quick meet), the camera turned on halfway down the meeting, and then the system restarted on it's own.

Old man showing that same screen again for more than 30 minutes.

Since I have dual boot on this one, I hard-shutdown it using power button, and now boot into ubuntu 20. This works so beautifully (although it froze for about 5 seconds before popping up the updates panel, something I CHOSE to keep enabled). I try going back to Windows, and it's hell again.

Here I am now trying to set up a ec2 instance and setup the app source there so that I can debug with RDP.

And yeah, Component Object Model is a motherfucking bitch. Person who invented it should die. People who build apps leveraging this should die. Business leaders who say "Hey this app (built with COM) can solve the problem easily, so use this" should die choking on their own phallus. And developers like me who keep using this because "the last guy did this" should die too.

Microsoft and it's products are the death of sane people.

Fucking Gates. Its the same damn hardware.

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    Same experience.

    Can't wait for either Proton to get even better or for more devs using Vulkan
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    I am but a simple man. I see word "salesforce", I know it's gonna be some angry complaint from exhausted fellow dev. My condolences.
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    Check your VPN for updates.

    AnyConnect caused some issues recently that sound similar to your problems.
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    @sariel we use openvpn. Will check to see if there is something somewhere about the issues.
    Anyways, VPN wasn't connected at all today.
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    People arent beleiving me when i say winbows gets stuck at 100% disk usage for 30 minutes everytime i login..( which is quite rare tbf ). And they go to say that i should have gotten an SSD or i should boot windows more often.

    I get radio silence when i ask why cant it be less shit like ubuntu !?
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    @sariel Any Connect oh boi. That thing once broke itself with an update. Couldn't even uninstall it had to manually delete every fucking thing (ノ°益°)ノ
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    @ostream Awww! Did we hurt your feelings?
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    @ostream ah sorry. Totally misunderstood you.
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    @ostream maybe you should start to help people like these out, instead of spend all the time bashing on windows only


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    @nanobot I guess for you it's; once you go Mac, you never go back.
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    @hjk101 maybe it's like that. But I do not feel "disgusted" by any OS other than Windows. For example, I don't like the window management in MacOS. I don't like the fact that switching scroll direction for trackpad changes it for external mouse as well. I dislike something that hapoened during last update (every user in the machine has a new folder saying that the edits to the system files made by me are not competing with new version. Didn't get time to read that properly yet). Windows is a beautiful OS that sucks. It could have been made better. Much better. I think.
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    I dual booted my gaming pc because windows restarts whenever the fuck it wants and there is no sane way to change that.

    I use ubuntu LTS to mine :D
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    @mundo03 i just set the active hours and it never restarted by himself in 6 years
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    I keep reading about people's computers restarting on their own and I have to wonder why it never happens to me. It feels like we're in different realities where their computers are sentient and messing with them all the time.

    Feels good to just use Mac, windows, or a Linux distro and not having any issues.
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    @nanobot only problem are apple drivers shitty on purpose, don't know if you can avoid them, maybe if you don't use boot camp
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