Just gonna leave this here.

Don't complain if you refuse to speak up. You don't like how something is going? But you don't want to do something about it? Then shut. The. Fuck. Up.

Getting sick of these fucking coworkers who bitch and whine about everything they don't like but when given the opportunity to speak up and voice their shit they just fucking clam up.

Context: nobody was saying anything during today's retrospective but were talking shit about the project the whole sprint. Gee I wonder why NOTHING FUCKING CHANGES. I'm the only one outside of our product owner and tech lead who even speaks out on problems/issues during the sprint. This dev team I'm on is just.. urgh.

They expect me to have their back, but they don't have mine. For months I've been carrying them. Fine. Enough is enough. The next time they need help from me they'll just get the obligatory "have you googled it because I don't have an answer" response.

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    Look bruh some people have social anxiety and maybe it's an issue with the leadership if people don't feel comfortable voicing their opinions in an official meeting
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    Definitely can relate. It's probably easier just to take over their tickets.
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    Some management punish you for even the slightest complaint, so people are not afraid that they're not gonna be heard but that they're gonna be punished for speaking. It's worst if these managers say they encourage conversation but not practice it...
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    Maybe they might be waiting for you to say it thinking if you did it before you would do it again and keeping quite.. so in this situation they’re always fine
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    I’d say to do one last effort for them which will also keep your conscience clear in case you’ll ever feel guilty for not speaking:

    Suggest to use anonymous complaints. This removes the “I hate this, but actions may be taken against me if I speak” issue.
    If they still don’t write it... well, you did all you could.
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