Hiring junior devs is a game of Russian roulette.

You can get some one who is smart and loves coding. In this case stack, limitations etc don’t matter and experience will be great for junior and the rest of the team

Or it will be a lazy person who watched 5 videos and think to be better than everyone else. 95% of juniors are these fuckers. Takes about 1 week to find out and fire… which starts the 3 months recruiting loop again.

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    Looks like your interview process sucks. It should weed out these people, at least mostly.
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    Well, not as easy as it seems.
    For the last position, 1000+ persons scanned
    30 were sent a test
    Only 3 completed it.
    But the person we got, she is in top 1% I think. She never even heard about c# and blazor. 2 Weeks in already visible results, everything is in components (Working component, not something “you backend guys go fix my mess”). Ok, she lacks a lot of c# knowledge, but there, we are happy to help, because what she does is already awesome on visual side.
    Well for once, I think we found a real front end developer and not css monkey who gets offended by sorting a list in javascript
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    @NoToJavaScript sounds like a nice addition to the team
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    @eptsousa TBT, but first impression : yes, very.
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    I watched SIX videos!
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    @N00bPancakes But the right videos or "How to code in 3 mins?" xD
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    @NoToJavaScript People who don't get offended by js sorting exist? Impossible!
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    I STRONGLY AGREE!!!! I once worked with a junior who solve every problem by searching for library which lately caused the entire app size increased from 4MB to 1.2 GB
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    @johnmelodyme How did he require so many libraries
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    @Sony-wf-1000xm3 Well The CTO dont give a damn of how much of the appSIze and lib, even some of us voice about it.

    I dont know , this is allow as well.
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    @johnmelodyme If your CTO does not care let's hope you don't need to fix the mess if those dependencies break
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    @Sony-wf-1000xm3 well I no longer work there , so... You know.
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    Let's also not forget that it works 2 ways. If your interviewing process results in monkeys leaking and saturating over the humble survivors, putting faith in this company will also look like a Russian roulette.
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    Worked with a junior dev who pushed keys into git repo hahah. Explaining them why it wasn't a good idea was even more entertaining
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    @NoToJavaScript noobs right if you cant learn to code in 3 minutes maybe its not for you. It takes longer than that for me to drink coffee, its not for me.
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    Everything wrong in IT recruiting eventually boils down to HR are retarded.
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    when i was doing the hiring I'd do a guided whiteboard interview.
    if you observe well you can get an idea on how their problem solving logic is happening.
    they may not solve the problem but still get the opportunity.
    you shouldn't hire any junior for any reason other than problem solving skills
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