Workplace starts using slack (or other chat app);

Now you can use channels: now your inbox has inboxes and you don't know where to look.

Now channels support threads: now your inboxes have inboxes have inboxes.

1,000 books on productivity and research show how important deep work is and time boxing your email:
Now your inboxes that have inboxes thst have expect your attention every moment of the day.. And I still don't know where to look.

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    Now we are able to tell if your users are active: now either your users install spyware or they will have to alt tab every 20 minutes just to write space and cancel it
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    You don't need to pay attention to slack notifications.
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    To be honest...

    I understand that some companies misuse email (eg 24/7 availability expected)... But email was and will ever by my favorite organisation / comm tool.

    I fucking hate chats.

    IRC was great. It was simple. You could log everything. Noone who knew the basic rules of netiquette would expect a fast answer.

    Nowadays we have the mentioned crap of the rant... We have video calls which are seemingly great except one has to write transcripts / notes and noone wants to do it... And every company I know so far has the terrible habit of overthinking stuff and creating a fucktillion of channels (we don't want the others to know.... *stabbing noises*)

    IRC and E-Mail were simple. Plain, but simple.

    HTML, Threads, Emoticons, GIFs, Movies.... It turned to shit.
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