In today's job interview for an apprenticeship for the "Anwendungsentwicklung" position where they specialize in SAP systems (ABAP).

They told me that this position is a new thing in their company and that they want me, once I agree with their contract (which they will send later), to take responsibility for that.

I'm fine with that.

Now comes the part that is bugging me. They also said that the IT manager does not want to be disturbed often, if I have questions.

(I mean I will definitely have some questions. I am an apprentice after all, right? Like why should I join your apprenticeship program, if you refuse to teach me stuff? I can study on my own, as well and not be in your program.)

Just a few times and that's it. They admitted that they do not know much about that position and that I have to learn most things myself. No books and no other resources. They also do not know where the school is going to be yet.

The people in the interview I've spoken to where nice and we made some jokes here and there, but the fact that the company does not want to support me in an apprenticeship is saddening.

I do not know...maybe I'm just too concerned and this is normal day to day stuff for apprentices, but from what I have read about apprenticeships this is not the right thing to do as a company on the internet.

Correct me in the comments, if you think differently.

I will use this company as a last resort.

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    I would immediately hint that this raises all kinds of red flags...

    SAP / ABAP is definitely not easy peasy...

    When there is one thing that Iearned to hate.... It's to know that there is someone who most definitely should know it, but who is either unavailable or tries to fake dumbness (aka: person made changes two days ago and claims to not know the stuff to escape being responsible for it...)
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    You really should look for an alternative. What you described sounds very unprofessional especially for a German "Ausbildung" where you will spend a good 3 years learning.
    If you don't have someone that you can ask questions to regularly you might be learning a lot but also a lot of things the wrong way.
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    I've seen this too often in companies around where I work (Liechtenstein / Rheintal) - one guy ended up working actually with a consultant for the company, and not with his internal group for his Matura / internship! ...really sad when these companies don't take care of their interns, then turn around and wonder why not of them stay for full employment. *sigh*
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    ABAP is a propietary language from the 60s with perfect backward compability, "." as the line terminator, a single space can create problems. you can make programs in hundreds of different ways and you need to understand every way or you wont last long.
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    Run fast, run far.
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    On a more constructive note, I used to help run an intern program for uni students doing a year in industry, we taught them stuff, understood what they'd be working on and gave them meaningful projects. look for that.
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