Buying a new laptop here
Is i7 worth the money or i5 more than enough? Both 6th generation
Mostly will be used for android development
(Gradle is hell 😂😂)

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    I run vs 2015 in a VM and a hackintosh in another so I can xamarin compile for iOS. I also run many other VM's but not simultaneously.

    I use an i7 and it copes with ease, never had an i5 so can't comment on one of those.
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    I have tested both i7 and i5. I would say go for the i5 and use the save up money for an SSD.
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    @crackroach thanks dear
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    Unless you plan on doing some video editing and stuff I would say just go for an I5
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    I think that the most important things are: cpu that support virtualization, minimum 8gb ram, and ssd storage
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    @tamar how to know that cpu supports virtualization ?
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    @codeBoy by its model. You can find it on intel's site
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    @tamar many thanks
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    16gb of ram and a quad core i5 is more than enough for that. But I've got a 8gb dual core i5 mac and it never hangs. So up to you dude. Obviously some form of solid state hard drive too.
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    i5 + SSD and 16 GB RAM minimum. Try for 32 GB RAM, though.
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    Why are you laughing in tears 2 times? Humor the days, smh
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    You could get a desktop with 4x the performance
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    @CodeBoy Take i5 And Save For RAM Or SSD
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