So I persuaded my boss to buy me 2 extra wide monitors (2560x1080).

They're way to big and my neck hurts. After few months, I stopped using edges, and keep all my editors and browsers in the center of my viewpoint, leaving edges empty.

My desk is also too small, and I don't have space for anything else other than monitors.

We programmers have it rough :(

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    Why don't you stack them?
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    Turn them vertically.
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    Ill pay for the shipping to my house...
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    What's the size of the monitors? I only ask because the resolution is lower than my 15" screen
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    * too big
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    Also, if they're extra (as in supplementary to something else you're already using), they may indeed feel weird. As for the resolution, I think 2560*1080 would be weird too, like not giving you any more vertical space than a FullHD screen, just being a little wider. I might be going for a single 3440*1440 in a while.
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