Aaahhh my co-workers... Comment your code already!

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    Comment will lie to you.
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    you don't have to comment your code if you write good code ;)
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    So you think that a person who doesn't know how to communicate his or her intent through code will be able to do it through a comment? Interesting.
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    @1989 now you made my day😂
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    Comments are fucking lies.
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    @GittinGudder not only that, but you also need constantly update your comments when you change the code
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    I do still stand by the idea that self commenting code is a better way to go. If one finds themselves needing to comment it then then I feel they're doing it wrong.

    Although I guess this depends on the domain, say one is coding a procedure that uses complex maths, comments are no doubt useful.
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    @Hedgepig Domain complexity will obviously sometimes require that comments be included, that's why there are comments in Linux kernel code, and thank god they are.

    But, let's be honest, if you can't make code that comments itself, you probably shouldn't code in complex domains anyway.
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    Incorrect use of meme.

    It should read you don’t have to write good code if your file is empty
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