Testers be like Kevin

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    You already know Kevin's parents are a pair of pushy cunts and have instilled arrogance into Kevin.
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    I always thought Larry Ellison was the source of that quote, but it seems that it's way older:
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    @g-m-f I'd love to see a character based on Larry Ellison in HBO's Silicon Valley. That probably won't happen though, because he would make Gavin Belson look like a nice and sane guy.
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    This was so true at my last company... there was this douche who was over the QA team who held weekly pep talk meetings about how the Software Developers wrote crap code and the only thing saving the company the utter destruction was them finding bugs in our code. They had a bug quota they had to meet each week, and if they didn't meet it, they would have performance improvement plans put into place. They reported the most ridiculous bugs. I kid you not, one of the bugs reported was "If the battery is taken out of the phone while the app is running, it does not log me back in when I start it up again." Another one was "This one button is Salesforce is the wrong color." We had no control over the salesforce button! It had nothing to do with what they were supposed to be testing! They just happened upon it and thought they would report the bug to us because they had a quota to meet.

    Their manager was fired the moment the QA team fell under the technology group. And so did his boss.
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    @tytho That was a roller-coaster of emotions, ending with great satisfaction. That comment deserves to be a rant of its own!
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    I am part of a big QA Team...
    DEV-Teams are requesting me in person bc I have programming knowledge and I talk to them only if it is important...

    As a tester it should be your first priority to help the team to improve their code quality. You can do two kind of QA...
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    Savage 😂
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    An attitude like that will take you far in life, If you play Starcraft professionally. Good luck in any other avenue.
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    Coincidentally I'm Kevin and I'm a tester. Let's say "It's enough" 😅
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    @krazycavin @krazycavin @krazycavin Nobody tested this comment.
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