I assume this only happen in my country (Malaysia). We have multiple inconsistent lockdown...

So most of us went from working in the office to Working From Home. During this time Our employers expects us to clock in to Zoom Meetings or Dingtalk meetings for 24 /7 , microphone must be turned on and camera must be turned on at all time, other wise it consider as a void(that means salary deduction, not consider working) .


I'M sick of this shit tbh.

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    Here our population is under constant surveillance since the boomers bred a bunch of so’s who turned around and had monster children of their own and they can’t be trusted even by their own kind... and that’s pretty much every day here COVID or not with only people like myself not being trusted because we’d gladly blow them all up lol jk though I would like that very much lol
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    And somehow all this abuse and everything else is continuing

    As evidenced by replacements to the younger age group against the same backdrop of
    Fucked up adults
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    I'm in the US. I just interviewed for a job and they said all remote workers must be in a zoom meeting for there entire shift. I told them it sounds like micromanagement and said I wouldnt be a good fit.
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    @shoogknight so this happened in US too?
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    @shoogknight pssst they're making films of people working so they can convince people there are more people working during this time period than not and take advantage of people. its counter surveillance stock footage. again.
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    It is not common in the US from what I have come across. That's why I immediately said I wasnt interested anymore.

    If you cant trust an employee to work while no one is watching, they shouldn't be hired in the first place. Either you are going to be dealing with micromanagement or you actually will have to work with a bunch of developers that cant be trusted. Either way that would suck
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    Dafuq? As if they were watching so closely in the office
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    Demand from you employers exactly the same thing and see how fast they will backtrack on it.
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    This behavior is what I use to consistently point out that I need not be a nice person to anyone.

    Capitalism is legal, this kind of surveillance is legal. therefor exploiting humans by breaking them mentally is legal. But discrimination is not legal. And thus employers are also not entitled to being treated as fellow human beings if they do not treat others as such.

    And while you can't exactly express any of this, treating them as disposable providers of salary is very much possible. What such people forfeit is that other people think well of them, or even care whether they live or die.

    Get another job with a competing company. Do not negotiate. Attack this fucker in his wallet. That is the only language a totalitarian capitalist pig understands.
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    Imagine living life without understanding object permanence
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    Loop a video and pass it in a virtual webcam then connect that to Zoom.
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