An iPad Pro is totally better than a computer.

Can I code on that piece of fuck? No? Fuck off.

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    Definitely not better!
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    Surface Pro devices are where it's at. So nice...
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    That video has 3 times more dislikes than likes right now. It's a shame that they disabled the comments
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    Actually pushed changes from an iPad before. It's not easy but you can technically do it.
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    I love how apple markets their "iDevice" products;
    "Let's just assume that %90 of our consumers don't know what a computer is useful for and say this is better".
    Seriously it's brutal. I was talking with my cousin, and she didn't even know what downloading programs was useful for on Computers. Her response: "what you mean like Facebook?". Seriously save the money and buy a Chromebook if all your going to use is your browser.
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    And Swift Playgrounds is always there to help...

    Well, just joking.
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    @alanaktion Except Surface Pro 4... :/
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    This pisses me off so much. I'm not a huge fan of Apple or Microsoft, but at least when Microsoft tried to push the original shitty surface (the one that couldn't run normal stuff), they posted common professional apps over to it.

    Apple isn't even doing that. They're telling consumers that it could replace a computer, and then if they want to do something like run xcode, Apple will just tell them to get a mac.
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    You cannot connect usb device, you cannot connect external monitors, you cannot run proper software, you cannot transfer files without internet...I'm glad to have a surface pro
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