I am the manager of a customer service team of about 10-12 members. Most of the team members are right out of school and this is their first professional job and their ages range from 22-24. I am about 10 years older than all of my employees. We have a great team and great working relationships. They all do great work and we have established a great team culture.

Well, a couple of months ago, I noticed something odd that my team (and other employees in the building) started doing. They would see each other in the hallways or break room and say “quack quack” like a duck. I assumed this was an inside joke and thought nothing of it and wrote it off as playful silliness or thought I perhaps missed a moment in a recent movie or TV show to which the quacks were referring.

Fast forward a few months. I needed to do some printing and our printer is in a room that can be locked by anyone when it is in use (our team often has large volumes of printing they need to do and it helps to be able to sort things in there by yourself, as multiple people can get their pages mixed up and it turns into a mess). The door had been locked the entire day and this was around noon, and the manager I have the key to the door in case someone forgot to unlock it when they left. I walked in, and there were two of my employees on the couch in the copier room having sex. I immediately closed the door and left.

This was last week and as you can imagine things are very awkward between the three of us. I haven’t addressed the situation yet because of a few factors: This was during both of their lunch hours. They were not doing this on the clock (they had both clocked out, I immediately checked). We have an understanding that you can go or do anything on your lunch that you want, as long as you’re back after an hour. Also, as you mentioned in your answer last week to the person who overheard their coworker involved in “adult activities,” these people are adults and old enough to make their own choices.

But that’s not the end of the story. That same day, after my team had left, I was wrapping up and putting a meeting agenda on each of their desks for our meeting the next day. Out in broad daylight on the guys desk (one of the employees I had caught in the printing room) was a piece of paper at the top that said “Duck Club.” Underneath it, it had a list of locations of places in and around the office followed by “points.” 25 points – president’s desk, 10 points – car in the parking lot, 20 points – copier room, etc.

So here is my theory about what is going on (and I think I am right). This “Duck Club” is a club people at work where people get “points” for having sex in these locations around the office. I think that is also where the quacking comes into play. Perhaps this is some weird mating call between members to let them know they want to get some “points” with the other person, and if they quack back, they meet up somewhere to “score.” The two I caught in the copier room I have heard “quacking” before.

I know this is all extremely weird. I wasn’t even sure I wanted to write you because of how weird this seems (plus I was a little embarrassed). I have no idea what to do. As I mentioned above, they weren’t on the clock when this happened, they’re all adults, and technically I broke a rule by entering the copier room when it was locked, and would have never caught them if I had obeyed that rule. The only company rule I can think of that these two broke is using the copier room for other purposes, preventing someone else from using it.

I would love to know your opinion on this. I tend to want to sweep it under the rug because I’m kind of a shy person and would be extremely embarrassed to bring it up.

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    Quack quack.
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    This is the most absurd thing I've read all week. Funny af too, HR at my company would bust something like this so fast.

    Anyway, just say "quack quack" to one of the guys next time you have a private meeting to assert dominance.
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    You know what I put here twice already

    At least this is semi normal seeming
    Though knowing what they tend to actually be doing and how they replace fun things like this with their faggot chomo shit

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    @AtuM so you remember the comment I made a long time ago before ?

    Well now this is likely disguising something else which is what they’ve been doing for some time supposedly
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    @AtuM if it were just attractive consenting adults fucking i wouldnt give a shit personally if I were him, walking in on them would give me a thrill. which is probably precisely what this is.

    likely this is prostitution, in the form it used to take before the whole country went sideways faggot.

    this is exactly the kind of shit that they use as a cover for these things.

    remember now ? LOL
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    @AtuM and honestly even then i would not give so much of a damn back before I understood more. these bitches are guaranteed a salary to meet their expenses as long as they work, but what they're really working for is the ability to reoffend which is provided by their owners, in exchange for all their disposable income, and for them laundering their money into their organizations and businesses.

    so personally I'm thinking dog kennel, and cattle prod and "renegotiation of contract" LOL
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    @sudo-woodo that might actually be a decent idea.
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    @molaram eh what do you think cosplay is about ? LOL or what it has become anyway lol
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    @AtuM note the other comment lol

    likely something illegal is going on or was, since the age of fun seems to be long over since these garbage came out of the closet more recently, having created a whole generation of trash in the time period they disguised through their abuses.

    point is the likelihood of normal people forming a sex club based off dares is something out of a normal guys fantasies, and extremely unlikely to the point of not happening.

    that's something a frustrated guy looking at his big titted coworkers thinks about, most people wouldnt risk their jobs and the scenario where someone might take risks between two people is one thing but opening up to multiple people is extremely unlikely as to be nonexistent.

    these people were shaped to what we like, its the only way they know how to interact with someone else, since kindness isnt exactly a trait they possess.
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    Imagine no one quacks back at you? 🦆 💔
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    is it abnormal to want to rip some musclehead's neck out with my teeth because they chose to sit right next to me when there are tons of other places they could have sit ?

    just wondering lol

    i need some coffee.
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    "This was during both of their lunch hours. They were not doing this on the clock (they had both clocked out, I immediately checked). We have an understanding that you can go or do anything on your lunch that you want, as long as you’re back after an hour."

    I don't get this line of thinking.

    Being off the clock at work doesn't mean anything goes at work. ... you're still at work...

    You go fuck on someone else's desk or a place where other people are, that seems kinda unsanitary / a jerk thing to do to the other person AT THE VERY LEAST.
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    What the actual 🦆?! O.o
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    I don't doubt it.

    But fucking on someone else's desk... that's not 'relaxed' that's being an asshole to the other person...
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    @AtuM I can't *pbbft* understand *pbbft* your accent.
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    @N00bPancakes if it were two people taking a risk, it would be funny to fuck on the president/ceo's desk. lol

    simply because such people are usually hate worthy lol

    thats what i said this is designed to a normal person's fantasy and is not likely to happen on its own lol
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    Another story just taken from the same site... Please disclose it as not yours, pal :)
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    @JustThat fuck a duck chuck
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    Email from HR:
    Things we shouldn't have to say: don't have sex at work
    Things we have to say: don't have sex at work
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    Imagine if you start to quack in the office. They would probably be ashamed and stop the quack club or you get to do the sex quack. It s a win win situation quack.
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    And I thought I was weird. Copying some far out sex story from another site and pasting it here... it's laughable that you could be doing something else with your fingers that might satisfy your urges.
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