Everything but UI/UX
Because I suck at it, lame but true, I love every kind of code, from MEAN and LAMPP to assembly, but when it comes to UI I just lack of the imagination and creativity to design something that looks averagely good.

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    Me in a nutshell.
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    You don't really need imagination to appear creative, you can "research" visual stuff just the same way you do your code! There is plenty of objective rules in design too.

    For starters, just imitate what other people do 😉
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    @relentlessCoder why, it presented all the needed info in a quick way without all the bloat you're used to see, it's quite friendly for me. As a dev, that is 😉 (srsly, I really like it 😉)

    And yeah usually UI/UX should be a separate person's job, but oh well, we all know how it goes.
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    @relentlessCoder ooh, that's what I'm trying to do too right now 😄
    Can't really say anything useful though, since I just started myself. Most people don't care about the code, they need solutions, so yeah it may be a bit too much for the average joe like you said. But still, keep it that way, if I was the client I would have hired you right away 😉
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    @relentlessCoder just checked out your website and it's absolutely awesome
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    @relentlessCoder yeah, it is, thanks! The only thing I can say so far about freelancing is that you have to communicate a lot, which is sometimes a pain, and that working with other people's horrible code on obsolete technologies is a pain too, lol. But oh well, it's still much better than anything I could get locally without moving.

    And yeah, I made my website myself in a few weeks, using .Net Core hosted on Linux. There are still a few things I want to do, and I'm almost finished with writing my first post, on js 😄
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