I realize that in interviews I can fake confidence to such high levels I thought would never be possible for me.

I keep impressing myself with every interview lol.

The saying "Fake it until you make it" is kinda true. It works for me haha

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    Always be over confident, if you clearly don't know what you're talking about they will shut you down but confidence in your own ability is a skill in itself 😎
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    "Fake it till you make it" is one of the fundemental laws of life. Apply it to everything

    For software development also "apparence is everything" one of my colleagues once had to demo a product state to the client but the functionality wasn't fully finished yet. So we had a guy logged to the database adding and editing records as the one demoing clicked the buttons. It was finished and working soon after, but they needed the demo because the client was being a bit of a control freak
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    Lol overconfidence in interviews is something but then starting the actual job is something else....
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