TIFO that double tapping the rant give them a +1

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    It’s not +1! It’s ++!
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    Also TIFO is definitely not a popular acronym.
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    @Cyanide and the most search results say it the short form of choreography.
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    For anyone curious, TIFO that TIFO stands for Today I Found Out.

    Again, definitely not popular.
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    @Cyanide yeah, TIL is bit more popular, on Reddit at least
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    @Cyanide in my head, I thought it meant, Today I figured out.

    Rather this acronym is easy to figure out. Lol
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    That feature has been introduced by Instagram almost 10y ago..
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    I’m I the only one thinking LIFO (last in first out) and the thinking wtf T stands for here ?
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    @dder there are only L and F that change there:
    FIFO == LILO
    FILO == LIFO
    Its about from where objects are taken from a list of objects.
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    @Floydimus That works, too. I made mine with my feel.
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    @dder Same dude same.
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    @stop dude, the acronym we’re trying to understand is TIFO.
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