Cannot complete my work on time
Procrastinate as usual ☹

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    Can relate, have ADHD.
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    But you have time and energy to change shirts. SMH.
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    I generally break down my tasks and then choose the most important one. While working on it I subdivide it to ridiculously small churns sometimes because it is hard sometimes. For example, open IDE, Go to this file. etc. Then with this I get the flow to start working on the task. Also, make sure every hour that what you are working on is relevant amd productive.
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    So how do you gonna present it to PM on scrum stand up tomorrow with entire team?
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    Coding was supposed to be fun.
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    @impermanentcode Coding is always fun, the problem is being a software developer.
    A software develper's core skills are productivity, communication and coding of course.
    Took me some years to understand this and I am sad now :(
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