Coding nightmare -> the guy who wrote this application I guess wanted job security? At the VERY least to be a pain in the ass to anyone else who touches his code....WHO NAMES THEIR VARIABLES PEOPLE NAMES?!?!? do I know what "Beth" or "Sarah" stand for? ummmm....no 😢

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    Sounds pretty secure tho
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    Job security by obscurity.
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    When I run browser tests as specific users I tend to name the browsers the users names and wrap them inside a browse callback :p...

    Like so..
    Browse((John, Jane) => {
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    I name my variables after super heroes. Enough security for me.
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    I've seen variable names translated in Hindi :-D
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    @aboli hindify that shit
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    I write programs using Cuneiform variables; I even rename built ins.
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    Plot twist: He's a serial killer who names his variables after his victims. Morbid thoughts :(
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